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Site Help

If you find you are having problems using this site, pleae take a look at the following advice. If these guidelines still dont help then you can contact us by email


If you experiencing problems with the layout of the site, for exapmle, if some of the text is not readable because it is hidden by something else, then this may because you are not using the most recent version of your browser.

You can find out which version of browser you are using by going to the Help tab at the top of your browser window, if you click the about option from the drop down menu, a new window will be displayed and in there it will give you the full browser detials including what version you are running.

Microsoft are currently running Internet Explorer 7(ie7) and you can download it for free from there website. Alternativley, you can download Firefox which is a more web standards compliant browser and in my opinion the best one around...!

Text Size

This site has been created with quite a large font, but if you are still having problems reading it because it is too small...(or too big?) then you can increase or decrease the text size to something that is more comfortable for you.

In the View tab at the top of your browser window, there is an option of text size in the drop down menu. If you hover over this you will see another set of options ranging from small to large in some browsers or just increase and decrease in others. You will also notice that there is a keyboard shortcut for this action which is: ctrl + presed together to increase the text size and ctrl - again pressed together to decrease the text size, and in most browsers you can press both ctrl 0 to return the text size back to its normal size.